Current Role: Co-founder and CEO of IROKOtv
Location: London, UK
Area of expertise: Film Distribution | Leadership | Entrepreneurship | Digital Media
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Jason Njoku

Jason Njoku is an entrepreneur renowned for his leadership as the co-founder and CEO of iROKOtv, a leading video-on-demand service specializing in Nigerian movies. With expertise in entrepreneurship and digital media, Njoku has driven iROKOtv to international recognition, making significant contributions to the Nigerian film industry.

Njoku’s entrepreneurial journey began with the founding of NollywoodLove, a successful YouTube channel, in 2010. This venture attracted substantial investment from Tiger Global, leading to the establishment of iROKOtv in 2011. Under Njoku’s leadership, iROKOtv has experienced remarkable growth, securing funding, expanding its film catalog, and establishing operational offices globally.

Recognized as one of Forbes Africa’s “Ten Young African Millionaires to Watch” and the CNBC All Africa Business Awards Young Leader of the Year for West Africa, Njoku’s achievements highlight his impact on the business landscape. Additionally, he has been featured on Fast Company’s list of the “Top 1000 Most Creative People in Business.”

Beyond iROKOtv, Njoku has played a pivotal role in the Nigerian tech ecosystem, co-founding Spark, an investment vehicle supporting Lagos-based internet startups. His investments have contributed to the growth of the Nigerian startup scene, showcasing his commitment to fostering entrepreneurship.

Njoku’s expertise encompasses entrepreneurship, digital media, and leadership. His resilience and determination have propelled iROKOtv to become a leading platform for African content, demonstrating his dedication to promoting African entrepreneurship and driving positive change across the continent.