Current Role: Creator of the Redirecther group coaching program
Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
Area of expertise: Healthcare |Women Empowerment| Therapy                                    Interested in: Training & Coaching
Rates: $    (  Mins Speech)

            $    ( Full day training)

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Marcia McLeod

Marcia’s passion lies in guiding women through a profound journey of self-discovery and authenticity. With her expertise as a certified professional life coach and Human Design practitioner, she offers invaluable support to women grappling with feelings of being overlooked or unfulfilled, empowering them to embrace their true selves with confidence.

At the core of Marcia’s mission is her ‘Redirecther’ group coaching program, a transformative space where women are empowered to discover clarity, tap into their flow, and bolster their self-confidence using the principles of Human Design.

Drawing from her personal experiences, Marcia crafted the ‘Powerful Purpose Philosophy’, a holistic framework for personal development aimed at unlocking women’s inner potential and guiding them towards manifesting their dreams.

In addition to coaching, Marcia provides workshops, keynote presentations, and Reiki therapy sessions, offering diverse avenues for women to empower themselves and find fulfillment in various aspects of their lives. Through these multifaceted approaches, Marcia is committed to supporting women as they embark on their journey towards self-realization and empowerment.