Current Role: Founder & CEO Treepz Inc.
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Area of expertise: Agriculture |Technology | Entrepreneurship
Interested in: Speaking & Training
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Onyeka Akumah

Onyeka Akumah is a distinguished technology entrepreneur with a remarkable focus on various sectors, including transportation, agriculture, real estate, and media. He is widely acknowledged as the founder of Treepz Inc,where he serves as the CEO, leading the development of Africa’s largest car-sharing platform, serving over 4 million customers across six countries.

Prior to founding Treepz Inc. in 2019, Onyeka held the position of CEO at Farmcrowdy, where he made significant contributions to its growth and success. He has been instrumental in the success of numerous tech and e-commerce companies in Africa, leveraging his expertise and leadership to drive innovation and expansion.

Onyeka’s entrepreneurial journey began at a young age, and he has since co-founded and invested in several startups, including Farmcrowdy, RentSmallSmall, and Kowoka. With two successful startup exits under his belt, he has invested in over 20 startups, supporting and mentoring budding entrepreneurs through platforms like Techstars, Tony Elumelu Foundation, and Founders Institute.

As a sought-after speaker, Onyeka has delivered impactful talks at TEDx events, lectured at the Rome Business School, and addressed audiences of over 20,000 individuals on entrepreneurship and marketing. He has been recognized with numerous awards, including the 2021 African Person of the Year and the 2022 Internet Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Onyeka’s passion for leveraging technology for social impact led to the founding of Farmcrowdy, an agricultural digital platform connecting small-scale farmers with investors to boost food production in Nigeria. The company has received accolades from prominent figures and institutions, including the Vice President of Nigeria and the President of Nigeria.

When he’s not immersed in business ventures or startup investments, Onyeka enjoys speaking and teaching at various events and workshops, sharing his knowledge and experience with aspiring entrepreneurs and industry professionals. He continues to be a driving force in Africa’s technology and entrepreneurial landscape, shaping the future of innovation and economic development across the continent.