Current Role: SEO Specialist & Content Strategist
Location: United Kingdom
Area of expertise: E-Commerce | Community Development | Search Engine Optimisation.
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Rejoice Ajiaku

Rejoice Ajiaku is a seasoned SEO Manager with a robust background in E-Commerce, B2B, and SaaS. With extensive experience in driving organic growth and enhancing online visibility, Rejoice has made a significant impact across various industries. As an award-winning Diversity & Inclusion advocate, she is dedicated to fostering inclusive environments within the digital marketing space.

Rejoice’s career is distinguished by her strategic approach to SEO, which has consistently delivered measurable results. Her expertise spans keyword research, content strategy, technical SEO, and link building, enabling businesses to achieve higher search rankings and increased web traffic. Notably, Rejoice has played a crucial role in optimizing websites for top-tier clients, resulting in substantial revenue growth and improved user engagement.

In addition to her professional achievements, Rejoice is a prominent global speaker, sharing her insights at renowned conferences such as BrightonSEO, Women in Local Search Summit (WLSS), and Women in Tech SEO Festival (WTSFest). Her presentations are known for their actionable takeaways and innovative perspectives on SEO and digital marketing trends.

Rejoice’s dedication to diversity and inclusion is exemplified by her co-founding of B-DigitalUK, an organization committed to empowering underrepresented groups in the digital industry. Her efforts have been recognized with several awards, highlighting her commitment to creating equitable opportunities for all.

As a host of Twitter Spaces’ #BlackInTheWorkspace, Rejoice facilitates important conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. Her leadership in these discussions helps to drive positive change and awareness in the professional community.

Rejoice Ajiaku’s blend of technical expertise, strategic vision, and advocacy for diversity and inclusion make her a standout leader in the SEO and digital marketing field. Her contributions continue to inspire and influence both her peers and the broader industry.