Current Role: Thought Leader, Author, Podcaster & Speaker.
Location: Milton Keynes, England, United Kingdom
Area of expertise: Leadership | Leadership Development | Community Development | Author | 
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Susan Popoola

Susan Popoola is a distinguished Human Value Optimisation Specialist, thought leader, author, podcaster, and speaker. With a rich background in fostering human potential, Susan collaborates with leaders to create harmony, drive impact, and build lasting legacies within their organizations and communities.

As an advocate for human value optimization, Susan’s work focuses on understanding and enhancing the intrinsic worth of individuals within the workplace and beyond. She believes in the power of people and the significant contributions they can make when they feel loved, valued, and supported. This belief is the cornerstone of her approach and is evident in her work with care-experienced young people, enabling them to overcome challenges and thrive.

Susan is a prolific author and thought leader, contributing valuable insights through her writings and speeches. Her books and articles delve into the nuances of human value, organizational harmony, and the importance of a supportive environment in achieving both personal and professional success. As a podcaster, Susan engages with a diverse audience, sharing her expertise and fostering discussions that inspire and motivate listeners to realize their potential and make a positive impact.

Her speaking engagements are renowned for their depth and practical wisdom. Susan addresses a variety of topics, providing leaders with the tools and strategies needed to cultivate environments where individuals feel appreciated and empowered. Her keynote presentations often emphasize the importance of creating supportive systems that enable care-experienced young people to feel genuinely valued and loved, ensuring they have the foundation needed for future success.

Throughout her career, Susan Popoola has received numerous accolades for her contributions to human value optimization and her advocacy for vulnerable populations. Her dedication to improving the lives of care-experienced youth and her innovative approaches in leadership development have made her a respected figure in her field.

Susan Popoola’s commitment to creating impactful change and her holistic approach to human value make her an influential leader and a beacon of hope for many. Through her work, she continues to inspire and empower others to create environments where everyone can thrive.