Current Role: CEO of Nakenohs Boulevard
Location: Dubai, UAE
Area of expertise: Entrepreneurship | Brand Management |Leadership | Innovation | Strategic Planning
Interested in : Speaking&Training
Rates : Available Upon Request
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Wunmi Williams

Wunmi Williams is a dynamic and visionary leader, renowned for her innovative approach to the luxury lifestyle and hospitality industry. As the CEO of Nakenohs Boulevard, a premier lifestyle brand, she has successfully transformed the company into a beacon of sophistication and elegance. Her strategic foresight and ability to anticipate market trends have played a pivotal role in expanding Nakenohs Boulevard’s footprint globally, making it a household name synonymous with luxury and exclusivity.

She has been involved in global retail for a long time. Her background is in Retail Management (BSc) from the University of Surrey, UK. Working for Nordstrom Group in Atlanta, Georgia gave her valuable insights into industrial experience.

Williams’ career is marked by a series of entrepreneurial ventures, which included selling goods out of the trunk of her car and setting up pop-up shops to display her products and leadership roles that have honed her expertise in brand management, strategic planning, and customer experience. Prior to her tenure at Nakenohs Boulevard, she held senior positions in various high-profile companies, where she demonstrated her exceptional skill in driving growth and fostering innovation. Her passion for excellence and her relentless pursuit of perfection have earned her a stellar reputation in the industry.

Wunmi Williams’ contributions to the industry have been widely recognized. She has received numerous accolades, including the prestigious ‘Luxury Lifestyle Leader Award and ‘CEO of the Year’ from several industry bodies. These awards celebrate her innovative vision, her commitment to excellence, and her impactful leadership.

Williams continues to inspire with her dedication to pushing the boundaries of luxury and her unwavering focus on delivering exceptional experiences to her clientele. Her journey is a testament to her prowess as a transformative leader in the luxury lifestyle arena.